The Beer Mongers

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 A Don top pick WiFi available

2415 SE 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97202



Open Sun - Thu, 11am - 11pm; Fri - Sat, 11am - Midnight

Keg Taps: 10
Bottles/Cans: 600+

Beers: 8 craft beers, 2 ciders

Nearest MAX: Clinton/SE 12th

Nearest bus line: X10, 70


Pub and bottle shop, well-stocked selection and well-chosen drafts.

COVID-19 restrictions are no longer in effect. BeerMongers has moved a block west from its original location, to a new, brighter space on SE 11th Avenue. Drop in and give the BeerMongers crew some support. They've earned it.

Don says

Living proof that a really good local pub doesn't need large numbers of beer on tap to be a good, popular place. The ten taps are usually well-chosen, and there are plenty of bottles and cans in the coolers to augment the choice, as the Beer Mongers also serves as an excellent bottle shop. In spite of COVID-19 restrictions, the little beer shop that could has one of the longest streaks of continued daily operations of any venue in town.

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